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Hello and welcome to my site, Treasures of Japan.

Please feel free to browse the site and use the information for study or purchase reasons and you are more than welcome to make contact with me for advice, pricing information, search & finds reasons or simply to have a chat with another collector.
As I am a collector and this is a passion and hobby, not a business, I am always very pleased to hear from fellow collectors around the world and make new friends.


I have been collecting Japanese antiques for over 20 years now and as you will see from the site, my passion runs into many areas. I have tried to specialise in one area but as I learn more and more about the hidden treasures from Japan’s wonderful past, I find myself buying the book’s to learn about new things all the time.
I think my father was the inspiration behind my fascination in antiques, as from an early age he would encourage me to take an interest in his antiques (which ranged from Netsuke to Jewellery to Portrait Miniatures etc etc).
We travelled the world as a family and living abroad gave me a worldly knowledge of different cultures, their past and their hidden antique treasures and so my interest in all things antique has mutated into a collecting passion.
My first Netsuke and Ojime came from my father and were the start of the obsession into this area. I very quickly took a shine to high end, Gold and Mixed Metal Ojime and over time built up what was recognised as one of the best collections in Europe and possibly worldwide. As it became almost impossible to find the high end Ojime I had achieved, I diversified and moved into other areas and so the collection grew.
I believe I have a broad knowledge in many areas of Japanese antiques, but am a leading expert in the field of Ojime. I am therefore very happy to assist anyone with valuations, authentication or general info and do also offer a search and find service.

Why build this site

As my knowledge has grown I have been very privileged to have met some key collectors and dealers all over the world, to see some of the fantastic collections many museums have and to have acquired many rare and lovely items.
I have along the way met many individuals new to the antiques market and trying to find a way into Japanese art and seeking somewhere to view and discuss many lovely items.
I decided the time had come to slowly start to publish many of my items to the web and allow others to view and discuss them and grow their passion as I have.
Over time many new items will be added as I slowly relinquish pieces from the collection to the website and I hope they meet with people’s approval.

The site

The site is new and embryonic, so over time you may well see some changes to it and to the items you can view. Please bear with us if anything does not work or you come across any problems and please do make contact so we can fix any issue. I thank my brother for his time and support in helping build the site.

The site is split into a number of categories (which will grow) and as pieces get added from the collection they may appear on the front page as new items or within the sub-categories.
Please click on any category and it will list the sub-categories for you to view the items. If an item is “sold” it will be clearly marked as sold, but some items may be available but no price listed; this may be due to the them being reserved, currently not for sale only study or it may be that we do not want to show the price at this stage.
Making contact with me is easy and you are assured of “complete privacy” when dealing with me. I do not discuss or divulge priced paid or people’s private details and have many close collectors and friends who's integrity is maintained.
Contact can be made via the “contact” link at the top of the page or at the bottom.
You can also add your name and details to our “mailing list”, so that we can make contact with you as required.
Under the “Information” tab you have the ability to change the currency $$$ or Euro’s and this is updated on a daily basis to current rates. Language can also be updated but Japanese is currently not available..we are working on fixing this !
Registration is available on the site and this allows the user to be automatically updated to new items as they are put on the site and will in the future give you a host of new functions and information which we are working on.
Payment methods will be listed on the site, but in essence we allow cash and cheque payments within the UK. Credit card via Paypal for the rest of the world and Paypal direct. We are working on some enhancements here and the site will update you in due course as we enhance this area of the checkout facility.
Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy are as stated in that section of the website.
Authentication and Provenance of all items is guaranteed and where possible I use my extensive library, worldwide contacts and support from Industry experts such as Neil K Davey (who I thank for his guidance and friendship over the years) to evaluate all my items and make sure they are as stated. As these all come from my own personal collection I am proud to have them and would in no way wish to own or be associated with any spurious items!!

Many thanks for taking the time to visit the site.

June 2009

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